In my Country Podcast: the Voices of Refugees Telling Their Stories

An insightful and topical podcast dropped into podcast feeds in July 2020 with the release of “In my Country”, a podcast dedicated to telling the stories of six Aussies who came to Australia as refugees or asylum seekers.

Host, Adam Wood speaks with Faisa, Alyas, Tenzin, Marcela, Liliana and Lago who tell their stories of the hardships in their homeland that made them leave and their experiences since making such a momentous decision.

Stephen Keim SC of Higgins Chambers was involved in organising a team of barristers and solicitors from Brisbane and London to listen and analyse each episode of the pod in order to make suggestions as to whether adjustments needed to be made for legal reasons.

The members of the team, not only, made useful suggestions but very much enjoyed listening to the stories of the contributors to the podcast and felt that they had received much from the experience.

n My Country is available at and everywhere else you listen to podcasts. Download, rate and review now.


Stephen Keim SC & Kate Slack

Higgins Chambers

7 August 2020