Australian Constitutional Law and Theory Commentary and Materials (7th ed)

The 7th edition of Blackshield and Williams Australian Constitutional Law and Theory Commentary and Materials recently published by Federation Press is a great book that will make a useful addition to any chambers’ library.

The previous edition was published in 2014 and the new edition incorporates recent developments such as the evolution of the implied freedom of political communication in McCloy v New South Wales (2015) 257 CLR 178; [2015] HCA 34 and Brown v Tasmania [2017] HCA 43. These new developments also include what the authors colourfully describe as the “veritable cavalcade of parliamentarians and candidates [who] faced disqualification under s 44 of the Constitution.”

The insightful commentary and incorporation of a wide range of constitutional scholarship is what sets this book apart from many others in the field.

The new edition maintains the status of this book as “much more than a casebook” as Sir Anthony Mason said of a previous edition.

At a recommended retail price of $110 it is remarkable value for money.

In short, this is a really useful, authoritative reference on Australian constitutional law for any practitioner’s library.

Publication details:

Authors: George Williams, Sean Brennan and Andrew Lynch

Published: 19 January 2018

Publisher: The Federation Press


Australian RRP: $110.00